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Black Like You

It had the critical assets of being a funny and b not at all caustic. The Wayans brothers and Dave Chappelle have reached for the pale greasepaint to play whites as well, to varying degrees of success. The movie-within-a-movie premise is that a cast of self-important actors is filming a movie about a war.

They are so overbearing that their director drops them into the jungle setting of a real war.

John Strausbaugh on Blackface | To the best of our KNOWLEDGE

The rule is that the joke has to be on the white character, not the black one. Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg were dating and thought it would be funny for him to don blackface to roast her at a Friars Club tribute in New York in She wrote most of the material for him, which included more than a dozen uses of a common racial epithet and lots of graphic talk about their sexual relationship. The episode remains, 15 years later, as a stark example of the risks posed by greasepaint and edgy humor.

As whites become more familiar with black culture and people -- pop music and literature now feature any number of white authors, singers and musicians performing in black styles -- it can lead some actors into the minefield of over familiarity. This is apparently what Knipp is trying to get at in his portrayals of Shirley Q. About Us. Brand Publishing.

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Times News Platforms. Breaking News. We were told the house was built as slave quarters and that it was haunted. We believed both. It was certainly haunted by bees, a giant hive inside one whole wall.

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If you put your ear to it you could hear them in there humming like fluorescent lights. Our neighbors to one side were a poor white family, to the other a poor black one. Their hound used to stand in the little stream that trickled just behind the houses and bay at the moon all night. The black family was more friendly. I fantasized about buying it and turning it into a private compound for me and my friends.

Blackface, Whiteface, Insult & Imitation in American Popular Culture

When I was there this summer there were lots of families, of course, but also some unaccompanied adults like me, wallowing in guilt-free, unself-conscious nostalgia. Baltimore was always an Elvis town. Around the same time, my friend Carole Carroll started the annual Night of Elvises, which will happen for the 16th year this Dec.

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Working the stage at an Elvii event is a treat. Meanwhile, the crowd that stuffs the hulking old Lithuanian Hall in the ghetto of Sowebo is always an interesting mix of the real Elvis faithful and curious hipsters.

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  8. On the Sunday after, Carole and some of the Elvii participate in the Hampden Christmas parade, another excellent Baltimore tradition, even if the weather always seems to be viciously cold. Carole and the Elvii ride in beautiful vintage cars provided by the Karb Kings club klub?

    For a relatively small city, Baltimore is rich in museums. Over decades, Renaldo created a private fantasy world, Rocaterrania, which he conceived in stupendous detail — the people, their political history, their language and alphabet, architecture, clothing, cinema, music. When I met him, it was clear that Renaldo, a man as funny and courteous as he is eccentric, lives with one foot in this world and the other in that one.

    Brett Ingram, a North Carolina filmmaker, made a fascinating documentary about him, Rocaterrania. In September , British invaders slogged through it and many perished of the heat and humidity. A hundred years ago it was an amusement park that folks from the city reached by streetcar.

    Celeb Defends Whiteface & Blackface - TMZ Live

    The old trolley pavilion has been restored. Beside the pier is a small crescent of beach, not fancy, where white, black and hispanic families, whom I judged to be mostly working-class, lay around or stood laughing up to their hips in the bathtub-warm bay. Back from the beach are tree-shaded picnic groves where charcoal smoke rose from grills and dragonflies bobbed in breezes that tasted of hot dogs and hamburgers.

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    In one grove a group of Russian men in Speedos kicked around a soccer ball. Except for an occasional jet high overhead it got very quiet out there, just the sound of breezes sifting the heads of the marsh grasses. Your email address will not be published.

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