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The player's gigabyte hard drive holds three weeks' worth of music, 25, photos, or up to 40 hours of video. And you're not limited to your personal collection of music and videos. You can easily add TV shows, full-length movies and even classic video games purchased from the iTunes Store. The patented, easy-to-use Click Wheel lets you zoom quickly through the player's menus. And with the iPod's new alpha-numeric search function, you can quickly "drill down" through your library to find the music you're after. Using an optional iPod dock, you can display your movies and photos on a TV screen, so everyone can join in the fun.

This Mp3 is awesome. Average review: 8 reviews. If you dont believe money can buy you happiness - buy an iPod. From day one I was thrilled: I stuck the thing in my pocket as I did household chores and walked the dog - I found myself dancing about while cleaning, and my pooch got longer walks I own 2 iPods: 1. No hunting for CDs, finding music is a breeze, choose a different tune or opus to suit your mood, Friends over? I converted all my exercise videos to iPod format this takes a little computer know-how.

Now when travel I can do my workouts, watch Lewis Black, or listen to music. Use excellent Apple lossless format for classical but stick to AAC bit for popular music. Set the display to turn off quickly when listening to music for best longevity. If you love music, youll never regret the purchase. This was my first ipod. And I imdiatly fell in love with it. I can now get all the cds out of my console and doors of my truck.

It takes a little used to using the click wheel but its easy as pie to use. It will be used more for when Im driving to be played through my Jensen vmts. Ive read about problems people have scratching it up, I plan on using the case it came in since it will be mounted in my truck. Maybe later get a case with a clip for my belt. It will even make a nice addition to listen to at work when sanding.

The only thing I find annoying is that fingerprints are bad on the black, but Ill use my screen wipe from my radio. The only drawbacks are that it scratches easily and I didn't like the earbuds. I suggest getting a really good case before you even open the box the back of mine was all scratched up first day and all I did was lay it on my desk while I was loading it! I would start off by saying that I have not had any major problems in the year that I have owned the Ipod.

The 30 GB hard drive has ample space for most people's needs. The quality of the display is good, with a bright screen, and with very good resolution. I love the click wheel and its easy to use and makes navigating the menus simple. This unit has been very reliable. Now here are some of the cons: - the screen scratches easily recommend a case - watching videos are almost pointless because of the small screen - battery life could be alot better - the included ear buds don't fit my ear I bought new in-ear headphone buds from apple.

Rockbox for iPOD Video 5th 5.5th mSATA SSD MOD

Contacted apple. They had me reset, restore, and other temporary, time consuming fixes that get her up and running again for a week or so, then the sad apple face would appear. Next I was told to do some hidden diagnostics by holding various keys, then to force it into "disk mode" by holding the play and select key after restart. Seemed to work. Had to go through te tedious restore again, and just about a week later, it died for good. During the last troubleshooting session, my warrantee expired.

Apple basically told me I'm out of luck since I do not have apple care. Features Video Features Photo Features. Compatibility: This 5th generation Apple iPod is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems with the following minimum requirements:. Storage Capacity: This iPod has a built-in 30 GB hard disc drive, capable of storing up to 7, songs 4-minute song average--recorded in AAC format at kbps , up to 25, pictures iPod-viewable photos transferred from iTunes , or up to 40 hours of video.

In addition to storing audio, you can use the HDD to store data files as well.

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Auto-Synching: Each time you connect the iPod to your computer, the unit's Auto-Synch feature automatically updates it with any changes made to the iTunes program on your computer, including any new music purchased at the iTunes Music Store. Display: The 2.

Backlighting: The display's white LED backlight illuminates the LCD screen for a selectable amount of time each time a button is pressed. The backlight timer can be set for 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds, always on, or off. Controls: The iPod's touch-sensitive Click Wheel controls are located on the front of the unit. The Select button is located in the center of the Click Wheel. The Click Wheel and Select button allow you to navigate through menus and song lists, highlight the desired selection, and select the item. To avoid unwanted actions due to accidental button pressing, you can disable the iPod's buttons with the top-mounted hold button.

Playback Functions: You can set the iPod to repeat one song over and over, or repeat all songs in the list album or playlist from which the song was selected. You can also have the iPod shuffle all songs on the HDD, shuffle all songs on the playlist, or shuffle albums when set to shuffle albums, it plays all the songs on an album in order, then randomly selects another album and plays it through in order. During Shuffle play, the songs do not repeat until all songs have been played. Album Art: iTunes has a setting allowing the iPod to display the album art associated with the album playing.

The songs are queued in the On-The-Go playlist. In addition to individual songs, you can queue entire lists of songs albums in the On-The-Go playlist. There is no limit to the number of selections you can put in the On-The-Go playlist. Equalizer: The iPod's built-in equalizer has 22 EQ presets to change the sound to suit a particular music genre or style. Headphones: The iPod comes with earbud-style headphones with 18mm drivers using Neodymium magnets. If desired, you can use any headphones with a 3.

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Skip Protection: In addition to the hard drive, the iPod has a memory cache. Since it is solid state, there are no moving parts, so it is not affected by movement. The memory preloads up to 17 minutes of music to the cache at a time, equating to a 17 minute skip protection. Listening to Podcasts: Podcasts are downloadable radio-style shows you get at the iTunes Music Store. Podcasts are organized by shows, episodes within shows, and chapters within episodes.

If you stop listening to a podcast and go back to it later, the podcast begins playing from where you left off. Audio Books: In addition to music, you can download audio books from the iTunes Music Store approximately 9, titles or from Audible. The iPod will keep track of where you left off when you listened last like a virtual bookmark, and when you sync up with iTunes, the bookmark will continually update between the iPod and iTunes. You can also set the speed at which the audio book is played back.

The calendar can be advanced a day at a time or a month at a time. The alarm clock can be set to any minute up to 24 hours in advance. The sleep timer can be set to automatically turn off the unit in 15, 30, 60, 90, or minutes. Stopwatch: You can use the stopwatch as you exercise to track your overall time and, if you're running on a track, your lap times. You can play music while you use the stopwatch.

Note Reader: The iPod has a built-in note reader that lets you download text-based information and read it on the screen. Games: In addition to enjoying music, pictures, and books, you can play one of four pre-loaded games on your iPod. Dock Adapter: This unit comes with a white plastic dock adapter which allows the iPod to be docked in an iPod dock.

An optional iPod dock is available from the manufacturer.

How To Reset Your iPod Classic / Shuffle / Nano

High-Speed Transfers: Transfer time varies depending upon how much music you want to transfer from your computer to your iPod. When you connect the iPod using USB 2. Power Requirements: The iPod has a built-in rechargeable, non-removable, lithium ion battery. When the iPod is connected to your computer, the battery charges. A battery life indicator appears at the top of the display. You must download the latest version of iTunes music management software from the Apple website. Video Features. Overview: You can purchase movies, videos and TV shows, and download video podcasts at the iTunes Music Store, and then download them to your iPod.

You can view and listen to the videos on the iPod or on a TV connected to the iPod. The good news: no phone bill, either. On the plus side, without the extra hardware inside, the Touch is much more svelte. Gone is the Triscuit-sized metal square with the tiny touch screen and clip on the back for wearing around the gym.

Apple has completely overhauled the Nano yet again and made it into a whole new player. While it keeps the touchscreen technology found on the and models, it adds a Home button to the front of the player for first time. It also has a Bluetooth radio tucked inside that lets you stream music to compatible Bluetooth speakers over the air or connect with fitness equipment like a wireless heart-rate monitor.

Standing just a hair more than 3 inches tall and 1. It still uses multitouch screen for tapping, flicking, and swiping your way to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and photos. But unlike the past few generations, Apple has returned video-playback powers to the Nano, which means you can watch movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store wherever you happen to be. The bright color screen shows all your media off in x pixel resolution on a 2. Designed with runners and other fitness enthusiasts in mind, the Nano has a built-in pedometer that tracks your steps and helps you chart your workouts.

Unlike standard receivers, the Nano can pause live shows for a few minutes should someone start talking at you in the middle of a song. The Nano comes in a gigabyte model, and you can choose from eight anodized aluminum colors pink, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, silver, and graphite gray.

That should get you through even the most intense cardio routine. Take your pick of eight standard Shuffle colors: blue, orange, green, purple, pink, red, black, and silver. It comes with a 2-gigabyte memory chip that holds hundreds of songs, audio podcasts, and audiobooks. The Shuffle may not have a screen, but it does include VoiceOver technology.

Just press the VoiceOver button to make your Shuffle announce the name and artist of the song currently playing.

That's not you, right?

Speaking of playing, you get about 15 hours of music between battery charges. If you just want a lightweight workout player for the gym, a starter iPod for your kid, or just a little music in your pocket, the Shuffle is a great choice for an entry-level iPod. It may not be the fanciest, most versatile player of the bunch, but if you want pure, uncomplicated audio, the Shuffle is one little iPod that delivers a lot of sonic boom for your buck.

A decade later, Apple has transformed that humble little 5-gigabyte music player with its black-and-white screen into a gorgeous full-color portable media system that can play movies, TV shows, and video games—and it still fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. You can stuff GB of music, photos, videos, and more onto the Classic.

The Classic comes in either silver or black. Capable of displaying more than 65, colors at a resolution of x pixels translation: high-quality , the Classic is a great place to store and show off your latest vacation photos. The screen also makes it a delight to catch up on that episode of The Big Bang Theory you missed or play a few rounds of solitaire while you listen to your favorite music.

iPod classic (GB) - Technical Specifications

Want more stuff? To get iTunes:. Click the Download Now button. Wait for the file to download to your computer. When the file lands on your hard drive, double-click the iTunesSetup. If you use a Mac, double-click the iTunes. If your Mac is younger than 8 years old, you probably already have iTunes installed. You may need to restart your computer after you install iTunes. The hardware and operating-system requirements needed to run iTunes are listed below the Download Now button. Likewise, newer systems may not be iTunes-compatible at first.

The other end of the cable varies, depending on which iPod you have. Lightning Connector. If you have a brand new iPod Touch or iPod Nano the models introduced in October , your iPod uses this new, petite connector. Dock Connector. This wide, flat pin connector was a mainstay on most of the iPod line from Spring to Fall —plenty of time for manufacturers to make a lot of speaker docks, AV cables, and other gear.

Of the current iPod line, only the iPod Classic and the 4th-generation iPod Touch which Apple has not quite retired from the sales floor use the Dock Connector. Shuffle Connector. Once you link iPod to computer, the iPod icon appears on the left side of the iTunes window, under Devices. When it comes to portable devices, what gets connected usually needs to get disconnected. If you see menus or the battery icon on the screen, you can safely unplug your player.

Shuffle owners who have no screen—see the steps below.