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You can always find fish around the Island. Charter captains and recreational anglers have related great striped bass experiences on Block Island all summer long.

Don said he and his fishing partner Peter Vican have fished Block Island almost every weekend during the season. I find that you can fish the Block somewhere in almost any type of wind or tide — you just have to know where to go. You might not be in a spot where the big cows feed but you can always find some bass to fish for. This year around Block Island the striped bass have switched up their feeding habits compared to other years.

This season we have found them to be schooling up and chasing bait at night, not staying on structure. It has made the night fishing much more difficult and not as productive as it has been in previous seasons.

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The early morning fishing at daylight has actually been better than night fishing for the past four or five weeks. A variety of new business items to be discussed as well.

Anglers are encouraged to attend. We take a quick photo and then release the fish, after the first photo the fish seldom leaves the water, the hook is removed while it is at the side of the boat and then the fish is released. You can read about catch and release tactics in future columns or on my No Fluke web site www.

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Often times one angler may be catching fish and another one three feet away may not be catching fish. And when the bite is on you can go through a lot of crabs to land your limit of keepers.

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Presently tautog overfishing is occurring; however fishing morality rates have increased above the overfishing threshold so fish managers are suggesting we maintain effort at or below levels for Tautog rigs should be kept simple. My favorite rig is homemade. I use one tautog hook connected to a swivel with a two or three ounce egg sinker on top sliding on a small three to four inch piece of monofilament line. Another swivel above the egg sinker connects the monofilament and the braid line 30 lbs.

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Since I have started using this rig, bottom tie-ups have been cut in half. Braid line does not stretch, so this is my preference, whereas monofilament line may stretch allowing the tautog to reach structure. I use green crabs and Asian crabs when available. When using green crabs, break off claws and legs and cut the crab in half. Hook the crab though one leg socket and out another. This exposes most of the crab and makes it easy for the tautog to put its mouth on the bait.

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Standard premade tautog rigs usually have two hooks and a loop below to tie on a bank sinker. However many believe one hook is best. When fishing for tautog from shore, look for rocky coastline if in Rhode Island this would include places like Beavertail Point, Jamestown; locations off Newport; the rocky shore line off Point Judith; and off jetties along the southern coastal shore. Docks, piers, bridges are good structures too.

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Another key factor is water movement, so a couple of hours before or after high or low tide is good. Kevin Fetzer with a black sea bass caught off Block Island last November. Until next week. Chub Cay Deep Sea Fishing. August 2, Capt Blair Wiggins. Mogan Man. Featured Posts. Happy as a Clam!! May 16, May 9, Devil's Cobia on Fox Sports Sun.

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June 27, Recent Posts. May 2, Candy Corn on Fox Sports Sun. April 25, Backcountry Snookin on Fox Sports Sun. April 18, Anclote Chill on Fox Sports Sun. April 11, April 4,