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Despite survivor testimonies , convictions and state acknowledgement, some so-called "negacionistas" - or deniers - believe that the Pinochet leadership was innocent. He remained in the public eye, first in his role as head of the military, which he held until , and then as a self-styled "senator for life". It was a bullet-proof protection from any serious attempts to investigate him for atrocities," he told Al Jazeera. The survey found the Pinochet period was viewed less positively when the right returned to power under Sebastian Pinera in The study suggested it was concerns over this return, rather than human rights arguments, that soured views.

In December , Pinera won the presidency once more and appointed two former vocal supporters of Pinochet to his cabinet.

Is Pinochet's shadow over Chile beginning to recede?

It later emerged that state security officials from the secret police had tortured and murdered prisoners there. Chadwick, Larrain and Pinera opposed Pinochet's arrest and detention in London in They say their views have now changed. There are concerns that Pinera won't pursue convictions for human rights abuses under Pinochet as fervently as Bachelet. Chile still operates under a constitution, which was approved in a controversial plebiscite during the Pinochet years.

It prevents immediate reelection, so presidents cannot serve consecutive terms. Over the past 13 years, Chile's top seat has transferred from Bachelet to Pinera, back to Bachelet and then again to Pinera, creating a certain amount of policy overlap.

Chilean minister resigns over human rights museum criticism

In , during his first term in office, Pinera completed a process started during Bachelet's first term, raising the number of victims officially recognised by the state to 40, Those officially recognised as survivors of rights abuses receive financial compensation, along with health, housing and education benefits. Families of those the state accepts were killed or "disappeared" also receive compensation.

The year-old, who was 13 when her father was taken, joined the Group of Relatives of the Disappeared and Detained AFDD as soon as she was old enough to go out alone. It's a group of my equals where I can talk about the shame and rage and hopelessness that I feel," Juica Rocco tells Al Jazeera. Protests are expected to take place in Santiago on Tuesday, calling on the military to release information on the whereabouts of the remains of those murdered and "disappeared". What we don't have is information about what happened to the remains of these victims," said Estevez, director of the Museum.

The military initially claimed that no such documentation exists, and now maintains these details were recorded, but the paperwork has been destroyed. The study found little evidence of a "sincere reconciliation", with 76 percent saying they had not forgotten the divisions of the past.

Chile: A Memory That Never Forgets

For example, Chile holds about 50 Mapuche captive without trial for suspicion of terrorist activities. The Chilean government says it is acting in response to frequent arson attacks on trucks, violation of private property, and attacks on buses with passengers.

Chile: Secrets of State | National Security Archive

By contrast, Mapuche leaders accuse the Chilean state of having been subjected to torture, racism, and forged evidence to incarcerate them as terrorists [es]. There have even been arrests of foreign citizens and other Chileans accused of assisting members of the Mapuche community with committing crimes. Among the more high-profile arrests are the Basque citizen Asel Luzarraga Zarrabeitia, and the Chilean journalist and acclaimed filmmaker Elena Varela, who is being accused of charges such as assisting in the organization of two bank raids, theft with homicide, theft with violence, and illegal association with intent to commit an offense.

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Her trial has recently been postponed for the third time. Varela had been working on a documentary about the conflict between lumber companies, the Chilean state, and the Mapuche over the use of land.

They are constantly attacked, their laws are not respected nor their ethnicity, they are overwhelmed, leading to the arrest of filmmaker Elena Varela, and writer Asel Luzarraga, for the mere fact of referring to this indigenous people, to defend them … what can be expected? If there is none, if only fairness prevailed y ….

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Unfortunately, in my country as well, these people are expelled from all sides, the land is being sold with them still on it.